Thanks for stopping by.  This page contains links to various genealogy sites, resources & software.  There are also a few links to various web sites relating to the Ware surname as well as sites specific to the family.  If you have any suggestions for links or resources, please visit the contact page above.  Thank you!

MISCELLANEOUS LINKS TO/FOR VARIOUS FAMILY SITES, BUSINESSES, HOBBIES & ENDEAVORS The Brandon family web site Dynamic Marketing Systems - Sarah Ware Conn Aligne Studios - Vicki Ware Sonnier t a l l e n t - Tiffany Allen Web site honoring a game passed down from El J Ware
GENEALOGY RELATED LINKS A a subscription based genealogy web site. A site that allows you to create your own family tree online.  It is also the home site for the popular software package Family Tree Maker.
Legacy Family Tree Software This site is apparently offering there software for free or at least there basic, stripped down version.  Evaluate at your own risk.
Family Origins Family Tree creation software
John E. Cain Personal Homepage A web site pertaining to the surname Ware.